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1988, Lilith Fair, and Ramones Tee Shirts

April 6, 2021

Cate and Lori from the Untitled GenX Podcast join me to chat about how terrible the year 1988 was, how a person's reaction to Prince's death is a deciding factor on where you sit in the GenX meter, and how Ramones tee shirts have gotten some other generations in trouble for not knowing who they are! We also share an awkward moment when I reveal why I don't like  Tori Amos. 

Check out their podcast The Untitled GenX Podcast

Some of the awesome women artists we spoke about that really hit us in college in the 90's

Lilith Fair (about)

Lilith Fair concert 

Sarah Mclachlan

Indigo Girls


Ani Difranco Napolean (song about Tori Amos)

Tracy Chapman



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